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Zildjian ACITYP248 A-Series City Cymbal Set

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The Zildjian ACITYP248 City Pack is the perfect combination of sound and practicality.

This 4-cymbal set was designed to deliver the legendary Zildjian sound for smaller sized drum kits and percussion set-ups. From apartments to street musicians or anyone gigging with compact set-ups, these smaller sized cymbals are a great alternative, providing a tightly defined and colorful sound with blended overtones. Featuring the new 18" A Uptown Ride, 14" A Fast Crash and 12" A New Beat HiHats.

This pack comes with:

  • 12" New Beat Hi Hats
  • 14" A Fast Crash Cymbal
  • 18" A Uptown Ride Cymbal

12" A New Beat Hi-hats
Quick and cutting, these 12" hats are a novel addition to the celebrated New Beat lineage. They're comprised of a lighter top on a more musical bottom, able to deliver a responsive foot pump, a musical wash, and tremendous volume when you need it. The 12" size goes great with smaller drum sets, cajon kits, and percussion setups. Symmetrical machine hammering and lathing add brightness and decibels to Zildjian's ages-old B20 bronze recipe.

14" A Fast Crash
With its high pitch and focused attack, the A Zildjian 14" Fast Crash has no trouble connecting with your listeners. Its fun, fast size works great for urban and electronic music, yet its sheer output is well suited for rock and metal. Best of all, it packs light in a case and tucks easily under your arm for convenient transport. The Fast Crash's thin weight brings out the best in the B20 bronze.

18" A Uptown Ride
This Uptown Ride could be the perfect mix of convenience and musicality. Sticking remains tight and defined on the upper bow and bell, with a dark, throaty wash emerging as you move toward the edge, and a devilish crash on tap when you need projection. For swing to rock, studio to stage, the 18" A Uptown Ride is always a good time. Deep, extensive hammering covers the entire unlathed surface of this B20 bronze ride, resulting in the sort of expressiveness and complexity that serious drummers demand.

From A to K to the new S Family, The Zildjian Cymbal Set is the most efficient way to begin your musical journey or get the complete solution to take your drumming to the next level. Your box set artwork may vary.


  • 4-piece cymbal set from the A Zildjian series
  • Compact and easy gigging
  • Great for smaller drum kits and percussion setups
  • Crafted from musical, colorful Zildjian B20 bronze
  • 12" New Beat Hi-hats, with their lighter top and heavier bottom, promise clean sticking and projection when it's needed
  • 18" Uptown Ride is the perfect mix of complexity and portability, with defined sticking and a dark wash
  • 14" Fast Crash is fast, cutting, and focused, with output worthy of rock and metal


  • Finish: Traditional
  • Pitch: Mid Pitch
  • Sound: Dark/Mid
  • Sustain: Short
  • Volume: General Volume
  • Weight: Heavy, Medium,Thin

Whether you're looking for control or portability, you'll find it here in the A Zildjian City Pack.

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