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Yamaha Live Custom Hybrid Oak 6pc Drum Kit

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Yamaha Live Custom Overview


Redefining the original sound of oak with a new hybrid shell, the new Live Custom Hybrid Oak enhances the dynamic range by accentuating its attack and projection and incorporates the traditional Japanese uzukuri handcrafted shell finishing, creating a unique look that defines the expression of oak.


Live Custom series is designed with a greater focus on playing in live situations using 1.2mm oak plies that are 10% thicker than those used on our Oak Custom drums. Bass drum shells are comprised of eight-ply designs while tom, floor tom, and snare shells are constructed with six. The Live Custom delivers a sound with greater strength and depth, provides rich expressive power that exceeds your imagination, and features hardware designed with some new, innovative ideas that delivers incredible stability and reliability even in the demanding environment of the stage. Oak's sound is clear and well defined with a powerful low-end that shakes your soul. On stage, and in the studio as well, Live Custom delivers a fat, rich tone with awe-inspiring presence.



Oak /Phenolic Sheet Hybrid Shell (Patent Pending)


The Live Custom Hybrid Oak shell concept is borrowed from our flagship PHX and Absolute Hybrid Maple kits, which feature a dense phenolic sheet sandwiched between two sheets of oak ply. Always a pioneer in the field of oak drums, Yamaha has enhanced the dynamic range of the new Live Custom by accentuating its attack and projection.


Uzukuri Finish


The traditional Japanese finishing technique known as uzukuri has been modified for use on drum shells. In this procedure, the soft areas in the wood grain are sanded and the entire shell is coated with a thin layer of black paint. The surface of the shell is sanded again before the final coa


Bass Enhancement Weight (Patent Pending)


Designed with the Absolute lug in mind, the weights studded in the bass drum at the lug points attenuate low-mid frequencies resulting in a tight, focused bass drum sound.




Hybrid Oak Drum Shells:

  • LHB2218: 22" Bass Drum
  • LHP-6F3: 10", 12" TomTom & 16" Floor Tom Set
  • LHP1413: 14" Floor Tom
  • LHS1455: 14" Snare Drum


800-Sereis Hardware:

  • CS-865: Cymbal Stand (4)
  • HS-850: Hi-Hat Stand (1)
  • SS-850: Snare Stand (1)
  • FP-9500C: Kick Pedal (1)
  • DS840: Drum Throne (1)


*Images are for illustrative purposes only. Actual product may differ due to enhancements or model variation. 

**Images represent 5Pc version. This model includes an additional 14" Floor Tom and 2 extra CS-865 Stands 

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