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TC Electronic Polytune Mini Polyphonic Tuner Pedal

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TC Electronic Polytune Mini Overview


The TC Electronics PolyTune Mini Poly-Chromatic Tuner is a portable yet ruggedly built guitar and bass tuner designed for fast and accurate results before performances, rehearsals, practice, recording sessions, etc. The PolyTune Mini allows musicians the unique ability to tune their instruments while strumming. The tuner displays which strings are out of tune, and players make adjustments to only those strings.

The PolyTune Mini also allows for fast and accurate drop-tunings, and its MonoPoly technology automatically switches between chromatic and mono tuning modes by playing single notes or strumming. The stompbox style design fits into any pedal-board, and its bright display features over 100 LEDs for accurate viewing in dimly lit environments. The display supports Needle and Magnet tuning modes, providing a traditional tuner display or fast needle gauge that slows as the tuning becomes accurate. The PolyTune runs on a 9V AC adapter (not included) and ships with 3M hook and loop strips for mounting into pedal boards.


Key Features:


  • PolyTune Mini allows guitar and bass players to strum all of the strings at once, and immediately display which strings need tuning
  • Instant overview of the pitch of all your strings. The reference pitch can be set to your preference and ranges from 435Hz to 445Hz
  • Supports dropped tunings from E-flat all the way down to B
  • PolyTune Mini stores and recalls musician's preferences


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