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TC Electronic Polytune 3 Polyphonic Tuner Pedal

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TC Electronic Polytune 3 Overview


The TC Electronic Polytune 3 is a tuning pedal designed for guitar players and bassists. It facilitates quick tuning on stage; simply strum all your open notes and the tuner tracks them all and displays all notes at once. You can quickly tune up to six notes on a single strum.

The Polytune 3 updates previous versions by providing multiple tuning and display modes. Go for the strobe or use the needle mode for extra tuning information. Multiple tunings and capo settings are built in to the pedal, so you can intonate in many situations. The pedal can also be set to either true or buffered bypass, accommodating the preferences of any guitarist.

Polyphonic Tuning

Pick one string for single-string tuning, or strum all of the strings for polyphonic tuning.

Multiple Display Modes


Choose between needle or strobe tuning modes for guitar or bass.

Tuning Mode


Select among standard tuning or one of several dropped tuning or capo modes.

Ambilight Sensor


A sensor in the pedal automatically detects the strength of the surrounding light and adjusts the display brightness accordingly.

True or Buffered Bypass


Unscrew the back plate of the pedal and look for the two small DIP-switches in the upper left corner. These allow you to switch between true or buffered bypass.

Other Features at a Glance


  • Chromatic tuner offers 0.5 cent accuracy.
  • Strobe tuner gives you ±0.02 cent accuracy.
  • Always-on tuning mode keeps tuner on and detecting even when not muted.
  • Super-bright 109-LED display and an ambient light detector provide an instant clear readout in all viewing conditions.
  • Automatically switches between polyphonic and monophonic tuning modes based on how many strings you play.
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