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TC Electronic Helix Phaser Pedal

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TC Electronic Helix Phaser Overview


The TC Electronic Helix Phaser Pedal enables you to dial in a versatile assortment of effects, ranging from vintage-sounding swirls to big and bold sweeps, or subtle textured tones. To expand the pedal's tonal palette, the Helix Phaser supports TC's free TonePrints app for Android and iOS, which allows easy access to signature TonePrints created by your favorite guitar and bass players, as well as to create your own custom sounds. With true bypass circuitry, when the effect is bypassed, it is really off and has zero influence on your tone, resulting in optimum clarity and zero loss of high end. In addition, an analog dry-through feature lets your dry, unprocessed sound pass without ever converting it to digital, keeping your original tone pure and without any latency.


The Helix Phaser features a compact design with stereo input and output. The pedal can be powered using a 9V battery or a standard 9 VDC power supply.

Key Features:

  • TonePrint enabled
  • Features True Bypass and optional Buffered Bypass modes
  • SPEED knob to determine the modulation frequency
  • DEPTH knob to control the intensity of the phaser effect
  • FEEDBACK knob to control the amount of the signal fed back to the input of the phaser. Increasing feedback will emphasize frequencies between the characteristic phasing notches, resulting in a more pronounced and resonant phaser effect.
  • MIX knob to control the level of the phaser effect
  • Phaser type toggle to choose the type of phaser you want to use – VINTAGE, SMOOTH or TONEPRINT
  • VINTAGE setting creates a somewhat gritty and swooshy phaser effect
  • SMOOTH setting creates a mellow, less pronounced phaser effect
  • Set the Phaser type selector to TONEPRINT to use TonePrints
  • Mini-B USB port for connecting the pedal to a computer for loading TonePrints into the pedal or create your own TonePrint using TonePrint Editor



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