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TC Electronic Ditto X4 Looper Pedal

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TC Electronic Ditto X4 Overview


TC Electronic's Ditto X4 Looper Pedal can run two loops simultaneously for some intricate arrangements and composition possibilities. The front panel contains the main looping controls. Each loop can hold up to 5 minutes of music and has its own level control and footswitch for operation. Both loops can be on simultaneously or switched between for a "verse-chorus" arrangement. A global Stop footswitch stops both loops. Adding a little more spice to your loops is as simple as stepping on the FX footswitch, engaging one of seven loop-friendly effects ranging from simple fades to all out Reverse.

Loop Effects

Choose from seven effects to enhance your loops in real time.

Loop Decay

Loop decay determines how fast old layers fade away, so you can keep you composition evolving at your own pace. If you don't want your loops to fade, simply set it fully clockwise.

Computer Connectivity

If you save a loop to the Ditto X4's onboard storage, you can export it to your DAW over USB to create compositions and song arrangements. It also works in the other direction, so you can take audio from your computer and store it inside the pedal for looping later.


Using the MIDI in/thru jacks, you can easily sync your loops with an external MIDI clock or controller.

Dual Inputs/Outputs

Operate your loops in stereo or plug in multiple instruments to double your creative options.

DIP Switch Customization

Using the DIP switches on the rear of the pedal, you can customize the functionality of the footswitches and engage/disengage the internal I/O buffer so you can customize the Ditto X4 to your liking.
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