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TC Electronic Dark Matter Distortion Pedal

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TC Electronic Dark Matter Distortion Overview


Dark Matter Distortion from tc electronic is a stompbox style pedal that mimics the effect of overdriving a tube amplifier to full-on distortion. The pedal is able to deliver anything from clean tones with an attitude and warm bluesy tones, to a crunch with grit and fully saturated lead sounds full of harmonics and overtones. Additionally, the pedal is equipped with separate bass and treble controls, and a mid shift voice toggle switch that that helps keep the tone from becoming "mushy" when the gain is pushed. 


One of the hallmarks of tube amplifiers is that the overdrive sound increases with volume, and equally "cleans up" when the input is decreased. The pedal responds in the same manner, allowing the player to get various tones simply by adjusting the level of the guitar. Dark Matter features a special circuit that ramps up the voltage to more than three or four times the amount of a typical drive pedals which dramatically increases the headroom and dynamics. 


The pedal features an all-analog circuit, level and drive knobs in addition to the dual-band tone controls, and includes an easy access battery hatch and true bypass.

Key Features:

  • Stompbox style distortion pedal
  • Gain, Level, Bass and Treble controls
  • Voicing switch for adjusting mid-shift
  • True Bypass - zero tone loss
  • Easy battery access
  • Small footprint saves pedal-board space
  • High quality components
  • Road-ready design


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