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TC Electronic BG250-115 Combo 15" Bass Amplifier

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TC Electronic BG250-115 Overview


The BG250-115 250-Watt Combo Bass Amplifier from TC Electronic features a single 15" woofer and a 1" tweeter and is capable of 250 watts of output. It supports TC Electronic's TonePrint system that allows you to download new tones and effects to your smartphone or computer to transfer to the amp. 


In addition to TonePrint compatibility, the BG250-115 has a built-in 6-string bass tuner as well as a 1/8" auxiliary input for jamming along with tracks from your portable music device. The 1/8" headphone jack allows for silent practice, while the balanced XLR output allows you to connect directly to mixers for recording or live performance.

TonePrint Effect Types


  • Octaver: It can take you up an octave, or down an octave, keep it clean, or add some dirt. And it will track all the way down to the low B-string 
  • SpectraComp: In essence, you get a 'compressor per string' that is not fooled by the impact of the lower strings only, which is a known problem when using single-band compressors for bass 
  • Bass Drive: Adds tube-like drive, distortion, or fuzz 
  • Chorus: The Chorus effect is based on TC Electronic's Stereo Chorus Flanger tailored for one specific purpose: bass 
  • Flanger: The BG250 Flanger effect is based on TC Electronic's Vortex Flanger pedal 
  • Vibrato: It may not be the most common effect for bass players, but many have found it great for experimenting with new styles and creative ideas
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