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TC Electronic Arena Reverb Pedal

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TC Electronic Arena Reverb Overview


The Arena Reverb from TC Electronic is a pedal that provides a panoply of ambiance choices such as room, hall, spring, church, and more. Intended for use with electric guitars, the pedal sports I/O configurations for both mono and stereo functions; should you want a stereo reverb at the end of your chain to plug into different amplifiers (or interfaces), this pedal is up to the task.


A Decay knob gives you control over how long you'd like the reverb to stick around, while an FX Level knob serves as a mix control, allowing you to blend reverberated signal to taste. Reverb can be further manipulated by a Pre-Delay switch—allowing some tonal distance between your dry signal and the resulting ambiance—and a Tone knob, which controls the level of brightness of the affected audio. Lastly, a Reverb Selector knob gives you the choice between ten built-in types of ambiance, as well as algorithms sourced from the included TonePrint app. This app boasts presets custom-tweaked by renowned guitarists, as well as the ability to create brand-new ambiances from scratch.

Reverb Types


  • Room: Simulates a relatively small and well-appointed room, approximating the reflections of walls, windows, and furniture
  • Hall: Emulates a large environment with broad, slightly diffuse character, discretely adding a heftier sound to your audio
  • Spring: Reproduces the sound of the reverberation commonly found in vintage guitar amps
  • Plate: Imitates the bright and diffuse sound of pre-digital metallic plates commonly used for reverb in erstwhile eras
  • Church: Provides a highly diffuse reverberation loaded with the sorts of reflections commonly found in sanctuaries (pews, alters, etc.)
  • Mod: Modulates the sound of early, digital reverbs with effects such as chorus
  • Royal: Modifies the sound of church-type reverb to emulate the characteristics of a cathedral
  • Parliament: Modifies the sound of hall-type reverb to add additional character
  • Passage: Modifies the sound of room-type reverb to add additional character
  • Season: Provides the sound and characteristics of spring reverb, voiced especially for this pedal by Barry Mitchell
  • TonePrint: Allows you to utilize sounds created and stored on the TonePrint app

TonePrint Features


  • Build your own custom ambiances
  • Editor offers complete control over all effect parameters and effect behavior
  • Customize knob function and knob range to individual taste
  • Audition your presets in real time, tweak as need be and immediately hear results
  • Compatible with Windows and Mac platforms

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