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Tannoy Gold 5 Bi-Amplified 5" 200W Studio Monitor

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Premium 5" near-field reference monitors, delivering unrivalled performance

  • 5" Woofer
  • 0.75" High-Frequency Driver
  • Concentric Design
  • Biamped Class-AB Amplifier


Whether you’re recording, editing, mixing, or mastering audio, a truly great studio reference monitor design needs to provide the most accurate, uncolored representation of your music as possible. Tannoy GOLD nearfield reference monitors have been created to serve the demanding needs of professionals in recording, broadcast and post-production environments. 

More Details:

The Gold 5 from Tannoy is a dual-concentric, biamplified nearfield reference monitor capable of pushing 200W at 107 dB SPL. Use this monitor for accurate sound reproduction with a wide sweet spot thanks to the concentric design and point source waveguide. With controls over the high and low frequencies, you can place this monitor in a variety of environments.

The monitor provides a 5" woofer and a 0.75" tweeter. It provides you with a frequency response of 70 Hz to 20 kHz. XLR and 1/4" jacks adorn the rear and are both continuously active, so you can have two different audio sources plugged in at the same time.

Tannoy has long held to a philosophical stand on crossover points, understanding the anomalous effects of any crossover network with respect to phase. Their monitor designs have consequently always strived to minimise the number of crossover points that fall inside the critical response band. Reducing the number of crossover points reduces potential phase errors and creates a more natural and accurate device.

  • 200W biamped nearfield studio reference monitor for accurate sound reproduction 
  • Precise and neutral soundstage delivers non-fatiguing sound for extended listening sessions
  • Tannoy Dual Concentric driver technology for phase coherence and point-source imaging
  • Front-firing bass port for near-wall placement, ensuring optimal low frequency performance
  • 5” dual-concentric driver secures musical articulation and accurate dynamics
  • 0.75" titanium tweeter with Tulip waveguide produces detailed stereo image with a widened sweet spot
  • Class-AB system with transducer-matched LF and HF biamplification for accurate dynamics
  • Continually-active XLR and TRS phone jack inputs let you connect up to 2 audio sources
  • Dedicated input trim, bass and treble controls let you optimize the audio for your listening conditions




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