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Roland RD64 Digital Stage Piano

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The Roland RD-64 Digital Piano is a 64-key digital piano designed for use on both the stage and in the studio. It features Roland's Ivory Feel-G weighted keyboard, a Damper pedal, and 12 on-board sounds, including grand and electric pianos, clavs, and organs. You can tweak your tone with built-in effects such as the enhancer and damper resonance for piano, tremolo and phaser for electric piano, rotary for organ, reverb, and two-band EQ. Stereo RCA audio inputs allow you to connect a CD or MP3 player to the RD-64 to provide backing tracks for both live scenarios and practice. In addition, the RD-64 has Controller mode, which turns the unit into a MIDI controller with automatic button mapping for Roland's INTEGRA-7 and JUPITER-80 and JUPITER-50 synths. The RD-64 can be used in home studios and teaching labs as well as for composing and touring.

Travel-Ready Design

With the RD-64, gigging players now have access to a compact, weighted-action stage piano that fits in small vehicles. It also works as a space-saving keyboard for home studios, teaching labs, and mobile composing

SuperNATURAL Piano and Other Essential Sounds

The RD-64 features Roland's SuperNATURAL Piano sound engine for acoustic piano tones, plus a selection of expressive SuperNATURAL-based electric pianos. The responsive sounds have a wide dynamic range with seamless variations in tone, delivering results for stage playing and studio recording. Also onboard are a number of organ sounds, giving performing keyboardists the essential sounds they need for playing a wide range of music styles

Ivory Feel-G Keyboard

The 64-note Ivory Feel-G keyboard in the RD-64 incorporates Roland's sensor technology, escapement mechanism, and Ivory Feel features. This gives you the touch, sensitivity, and appearance of the keyboards found in Roland's flagship 88-note pianos, right down to the key material that replicates the texture and moisture-absorbing properties of real ivory and ebony.


Onboard effects include a high-quality stereo reverb, plus EFX 1 and EFX 2 processors that provide tweaks specifically tailored to each of the RD-64's tone categories. Options include enhancer and damper resonance for grand piano sounds, tremolo and phaser for electric pianos, and many more, with quick on/off access via easy-to-reach buttons. There's even a dedicated rotary effect for the organ, featuring on/off and speed controls for organ performance. A two-band EQ is provided for overall sound shaping, with easy adjustment on the fly via two convenient knobs

Advanced Controller Features

Controller mode turns the RD-64 into a MIDI keyboard outfitted with assignable knobs, buttons, pitch bend/mod lever, and Roland's D-BEAM, designed for controlling synths and other devices on stage and in the studio. Additionally, the one-touch SuperNATURAL button automatically assigns the RD-64's controllers to fully utilize the expressive potential of the SuperNATURAL tones in Roland's INTEGRA-7 sound module and JUPITER-80 / JUPITER-50 synthesizers 

When the RD-64 is used in Controller mode, the onboard tones are not available

iPad Music Production

By plugging in via Apple's iPad Camera Connection Kit, the RD-64 gives you a mobile, weighted-action keyboard to use with the tablet
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