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JBL EON618 Powered 18" Subwoofer

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18" Self-Powered Subwoofer designed to deliver class leading performance in a variety of applications

More than just another great JBL sound system, the new EON600 is a true step forward in technology developed specifically to deliver the best sound possible regardless of its application. Completely rethinking how truly good an affordable self-contained, portable PA system can be

  • Bluetooth Controlled DSP with User EQ
  • 3-Band Parametric EQ + Hi & Lo Shelf
  • Selectable Crossover: 80, 100, or 120 Hz
  • Dual Combination XLR-1/4" Inputs


More Details:

Designed deliver high-quality bass for the EON600 series full-range tops, the 18" JBL EON618S is a highly flexible, easy to use, 1000W powered portable subwoofer for today's working musicians, singer/songwriters, mobile DJs, and other sound providers.

The subwoofer is designed for use with the EON610, EON612, and EON615 speakers, but can also complement any full-range system. The unit can be used in a variety of configurations including center clustered, stereo ground stacks, or use with a speaker pole. When used with main speakers, a pair of EON618S subwoofers are well equipped to cover an audience of 200 to 400.

The rear panel includes a 0/100° polarity switch, which helps with phase issues when placing the subwoofer in less-than-ideal configurations. There is also a built-in EQ and selectable crossover (80, 100, 120 Hz), which is available via the Bluetooth control application for iOS and Android devices.

Two mono line inputs, each with a combo XLR-1/4" connector as well as a master volume knob for the overall level. The two mono inputs are mixed to a mono signal internally, while an XLR loop-thru allows you to route the signal to an additional EON600 series speaker for extending the mono signal for better coverage.

The highly efficient 1000W Class-D amplifier powers the 18" woofer, which provides sub-frequency range audio (42 to 120 Hz) with a sound pressure level powerful enough to ensure the entire audience can hear your performance. The EON618S includes a power cord.

  • JBL Premium Transducers
  • 1000 W highly efficient Class-D amplification
  • Maximum SPL Output: 134dB
  • System Type: Self powered 18” Subwoofer
  • Frequency Range (-10dB): 31Hz - 150Hz
  • Frequency Response (- 3dB): 42.5Hz - 150Hz
  • Bluetooth Control• 3 Parametric EQs + Hi & Lo Shelf • Gain and Delay • Save and Recall settings • Polarity Inversion
  • JBL Engineered Crossover Presets• 80 Hz • 100 Hz • 120 Hz • EON
  • M20 Pole Cup
  • Rugged, stage-ready Duraflex enclosure
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