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This Enhanced Version of the game features an increased draw distance, finer texture details, denser traffic and enhanced resolution, as well as new wildlife, vegetation and upgraded weather effects. Players are able to transfer characters and progression of Grand Theft Auto Online from the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 over to the new platforms. Additionally, the Windows version features a replay editor that lets players create video clips of their gameplay.

Gameplay: GTA V is set in the present day situation with the economic crisis and where people are struggling to make ends meet. Game features a brilliant recreation of the Los Santos city of Southern California that is surrounded by beautiful hills, countryside and the beaches. Seen as the largest and the most ambitious game created by Rockstar, GTA V has taken this game to a whole new level. Idea of the game is to become the head boss by accumulating wealth and power by completing missions, taking out rivals and run the empire like a true mafia Lord. GTA V has three protagonist roles, first is Michael, a retired street smart criminal, Trever Phillips, a valiant war veteran and an ex-military pilot and Franklin, a known gang banger who works as a repo-man. Players have the option to play one of these three characters. Michael is looking to start a new empire where Trever Philips with his many years of military action has left him with wild manic tendencies and there is Franklin who works as a repo-man living in a world that has changed and left him bitter. Unlike other games players can complete this game with all three characters which are all interchangeable during the course of the game following a smooth transition. In some missions of the game players will have to switch between characters as they work together to complete the objective. GTA is all about offering a bold new era in terms of storytelling, mission-based gameplay and online multiplayer action. The game revolves around the pursuit of power, money and controlling the most territory. Players also get to engage in the activities of characters such as jet skiing, tennis, golf, scuba diving and yoga. Single player and multiplayer modes are available.

USP: Grand Theft Auto V offers multiplayer mode allowing up to 16 players to free roam a recreation of the single-player setting. In this, players get to engage with each-other in various activities (races and bank heists). For all these activities, the parameters can be determined by players by creating tracks for races and specifying spawn points for weapons in death matches.Key Note: Requires 8GB of storage space on hard drive in order to install and play Grand Theft Auto V

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