Yamaha MCR-B020 Micro Component Music System
Yamaha MCR-B020 Micro Component Music System
R 4,599.00
Product Code: 1969225793625

Tags: Consumer Electronics, MultiRoom Wireless speakers



    A compact shelf system with big, room-filling sound, the MCR-B020 is easy to use and supports a wide range of music source options.

    • CD player and AM / FM radio
    • Bluetooth® wireless streaming
    • Aux input for connecting a music player or computer
    • USB port for mobile device charging
    • Remote control included

      All You Need for Playback of Any Music Source

      Enjoy wireless playback from your smartphone, tablet or PC effortlessly with Bluetooth® wireless technology. In addition to the CD player, USB and FM / AM radio, it has an aux in terminal for connecting a PC or digital audio player, giving you music enjoyment from a variety of sources. An onboard USB port allows you to charge your smartphone or tablet.

      Compact Design with Detachable Speakers

      The MCR-B020 fits easily into any living space – complementing interior design. The detachable speakers enhance sound by providing a wider sound stage for a better listening experience.

      Large-diameter Speaker for Full Bass

      The speakers feature a 3-7/8″ drive unit that employs a large-diameter magnet for enjoying music playback with rich bass, clear mids and sparkling highs. In addition, the large-volume cabinet acts like a bass drum for deep and robust bass.

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