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Chauvet Eve E50Z B

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A traditional staple of theatrical lighting, ellipsoidal spots like Chauvet's EVE E-50Z let you define target areas with the crisp edges' intensely focused beams. There are two things that immediately set the EVE E-50Z apart from standard spots: it's built around an LED lamp, and you can control it via DMX. The EVE E-50Z even includes wireless DMX support when you plug in an optional D-Fi USB transceiver (not included). Manual focus/zoom lets you get crisp lines at a wide range of distances, and framing shutters let you carve out hard lines to define specific areas (e.g., doorways, the DJ booth, or sections of the dance floor). Flicker-free operation makes the EVE-E50Z perfect for on-camera use, and DMX integration provides up to three channels of remote control.

Breakthrough ellipsoidal with DMX control

It hasn't been long since the idea of a DMX-controlled ellipsoidal spot, let alone one with an LED lamp, would have been heretical, but Chauvet totally makes it work with the EVE E-50Z. For starters, at 20 degrees, the 50-watt LED lamp dishes out 7,910 lumens (measured at 2m), a respectable level of illumination for a compact and affordable ellipsoidal fixture. A pair of DMX settings lets you choose your level of control. One-channel mode simply provides you with smooth dimming; whereas 3-channel DMX mode adds full 256-level strobe effect and variable dimmer speed modes.


Chauvet's EVE E-50Z LED Spotlight Features:

  • 50-watt LED spotlight delivers bright, hard-edged light for theatrical, music, and video applications
  • Manual zoom from 20 to 39 degrees lets you create crisp spots at a broad range of depth
  • Framing shutters let you shape your spot to prevent spills and fit specific areas
  • 2 DMX modes let you control dimming, dimming speed, and strobe speed
  • D-Fi USB port accepts D-Fi USB transceiver for wireless DMX and master/slave pairing
  • Includes glass and steel gobo holders as well as a gel frame
  • Low heat output means you'll probably never burn through gels

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