Bundle including Large-Diaphragm Condenser Mic & Studio Reference Heahphones

  • 1 x Samson C01 Condenser Mic
  • 1 x Samson SR850 Semi-Open Studio Headphones
  • Perfect for musicians, sound engineers and home producers

The C01 Condenser Microphone from Samson is a studio microphone that can be used in recording applications to capture audio from vocalists or instruments, while the SR850 Semi-Open Studio Headphones offer solid bass response, ultra-clear highs and an over-ear design – ensuring complete comfort and accurate headphone monitoring.

Samson C01 Condenser Mic:

  • Studio Mic with 19mm Diaphragm
  • Hypercardioid Polar Pattern
  • SPL Handling of 136 dB
  • Gold-Plated XLR Connector
  • Rugged All-Metal Construction
  • Includes Swivel Mount
  • Carry Case

The microphone features high-SPL handling like a dynamic microphone, while retaining the clarity of a condenser. Featuring a large, dual-layer 19mm diaphragm with a cardioid pickup pattern, the C01 produces a smooth flat frequency response. Its two ultra-thin sensor membranes pick up far more detailed sounds than any dynamic coil. The result is a mic that captures accurate, detailed and smooth audio with warm bass tones and extended top end. You’ll hear the strings and wood of your guitar, the breath and resonance of a singer, or the brassy shimmer of a ride cymbal with crystal clear clarity.

Its hypercardioid polar pattern maximizes off-axis signal rejection, focusing on sound directly in front of the microphone. The C01 is built with a blue LED for monitoring 48V phantom power, includes a swivel mount and carrying case, and is made of an all-metal housing and grille.

Samson SR850 Semi-Open Studio Headphones

  • 50mm Dynamic Neodymium Drivers
  • Comfortable Over-Ear Wearing Style
  • Semi-Open Design Improves Stereo Imaging
  • Wide 10 Hz to 30 kHz Frequency Response
  • Self-Adjusting Headband
  • Thick Velour Earpads
  • Single-Sided Cable
  • Gold-Plated 3.5mm TRS Mini Plug
  • Includes Gold-Plated 1/4″ Adapter

The black Samson SR850C are semi-open, over-ear studio headphones offering smooth tone and a natural sound stage for recording engineers, mixers, musicians, and casual listeners. The semi-open design allows some sound to bleed out and in, creating improved stereo imaging and audibility of ambient sound. Large 50mm dynamic drivers deliver a frequency response of 10 Hz to 30 kHz with deep bass and clear treble.

The SR850C headphones have thick velour earpads and a self-adjusting headband to ensure a secure and comfortable fit. The single-sided cable resists tangles and provides plenty of length. The gold-plated 3.5mm mini plug and 1/4″ adapter provide wide compatibility with consumer and professional devices.


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