E 16 provides twelve studio-quality 54 dB gain range Mic preamps with combo connectors.

  • 32 bit floating point DSP processor gives great creative possibilities
  • 4 band semiparametric EQ on each channel, switch between wide and narrow Qs in an instant
  • Superb quality mic preamps give you crisp and articulate sound which is sure to impress
  • One knob compressors on channels one to six help to tame rowdy sound sources
  • Six aux sends per channel let you create a variety of monitor mixes

Once you’ve got a great mix you can easily bounce it down to a stereo track in a DAW thanks to the integrated USB interface. Thanks to the two in, two out design you can also play back tracks from a connected computer or laptop, ideal for background music between sets. All you need is a machine running a DAW, and a standard USB cable.

Front of house, monitor mixes, headphones, control room, the E16 does it all, and then some. Each channel includes six aux sends, so even the pickiest of band members can be kept happy with their own monitor mixes. Two stereo groups, a stereo return input, and insert points on channels seven to ten offer even more mixing possibilities.

Get creative. With powerful DSP, four-band semiparametric EQ on every channel, and six one-knob compressors (on channels one to six), there’s plenty of possibilities. The semiparametric EQs change from wide to narrow Q at the push of a button. This brings you all of the sound control you need without taking up as much space as a full parametric EQ.


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