RCF ART 715A MK II Overview

The black 15″ Art 7 Series ART 715-A MK II Active 2-Way Speaker from RCF offers substantial power for a variety of professional applications that include primary sound reinforcement and supplementary fill for larger systems. This speaker is equipped with 700W digital amplifier, 500W for the woofer, and 200W for the compression driver, and is controlled by a multiway DSP. The result of this is very high output, very low distortion, and natural sound. The DSP takes care of crossovers, equalizations, soft-limiters, RMS limiters, and large signals compression. The amplifier presents XLR/jack (combo) balanced inputs, XLR output link, volume and a switchable EQ mode (flat/ boost).

The amplifier features a solid mechanical aluminum structure that not only stabilizes the amplifier during transportation but also assists in heat dissipation. The compression driver uses a 1” throat diameter titanium dome featuring a vented suspension and is powered from a massive high flux neodymium magnet and an edge wound 1.7” aluminum voice coil. This driver offers a high output, transparent midrange sound, and clarity in high frequencies reproduction. This ART 715-A Speaker features a 15″ woofer that, with a 3” inside-outside aluminum coil and a powerful magnetic structure, guarantees a fast and accurate mid-bass frequency range.

The loudspeaker design looks aggressive whilst retaining familiar Art ergonomics and is the result of extensive combined functional and acoustic research. The two-way system cabinets are moulded in a special polypropylene composite material and are designed to dampen down vibrations even at maximum volume settings. The reflex porting has been resized to offer better efficiency.

  • 700W digital bi-amplification, 500W low frequency, and 200W high frequency power
  • 130 dB maximum SPL
  • Wide dispersion 90 x 60° constant directivity horn
  • 15″ high power woofer, 3″ voice coil
  • 1″ Titanium dome, high frequency driver
  • Electronic equalization, soft limiter, and protection
  • XLR/jack input, XLR signal output
  • Two side handles and an ergonomic top handle for easy transportation and positioning
  • Applications: Nearfield & distributed PA; foreground/background PA, distributed PA, frontfill, and sidefill; houses of worship, theatres, corporate AV, retail, theme parks; compact live sound reinforcement system; stage monitoring


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