Ground-breaking Serrated Driver.

The QX-C MKII is a 2-way loudspeaker with two 5 inch (135mm) midrange drivers and a ring dome treble unit. As per all Mission speaker concepts, the process of listening, listening and more listening is the key to improvement. With the added bene?t of modern speaker design tools, such as computer-aided optimisation technology, crossover modelling, and laser interferometry, Mission engineers also spent much time ?ne tuning the crossovers, components, materials, and construction.

  • Dedicated centre channel speaker for home cinema
  • Dual 5 inch dual midrange acrylic fibre driver
  • Ring dome treble unit for high frequency reproduction
  • DiaDrive system for efficiency and impact
  • Inverted driver geometry improves time alignment
  • Serrated driver surrounds reduce airflow interference for improved sound

The QX-C MKII uses an improved acrylic ?bre cone which is hard-wearing but offers a delicate appearance. Implemented into the Mission DiaDrive System, the acrylic ?bre brings natural mids and exceptional lucidity. The seam-free curvilinear design has a conical support with an increased area of contact with the voice coil. This highly ef?cient and uncompromising system means the QX MKII series will excel in terms of timing, with outstanding transient impact.The Mission ‘ring dome’ treble unit returns with an incremental, but noticeable, improvement with development cues taken from the higher-end Mission ZX series. Mission’s exclusive ‘ring dome’ utilises a woven textile material formed in a double ring arrangement. The combination of textile dome and multi-ring surround applies optimum stiffness to the maximum radiating area.

Maintaining the basis of QX styling, the QX MKII is con?gured in the classic Mission IDG (Inverted Driver Geometry) format. By positioning the treble unit below the bass/midrange driver, the length of path is equalised so the sound waves coincide at the listener’s head height. This principle improves ‘time alignment’. QX MKII also takes the ground-breaking serrated driver surrounds to a new level. More than just a technical appearance or pretty design touch, the surrounds have been improved by way of detailed air-?ow analysis and precise measurement. The new-look QX MKII surrounds help scatter re?ections and reduces air?ow interference to improve the silky smooth performance of the drivers and ports.


Speaker type 2-way centre speaker
Enclosure type Bass reflex
High-frequency driver 38mm textile ring dome
Bass/mid driver 165mm long-fibre composite
Midrange driver N/A
Bass driver N/A
Sensitivity (2.83v @ 1m) 88dB
Nominal impedance 8Ω compatible (3.9Ω min.)
Frequency response (+/-3dB) 58Hz-24kHz
Bass extension (-6dB) 50Hz
Dimensions (HxWxD) 175x550x170mm


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