2-in, 2-Out MIDI Hub for Mac and WIndows.

  • Inputs: 2 MIDI inputs (32 MIDI channels) Outputs: 2 MIDI outputs (32 MIDI channels) Power supply: USB Powered, no external power required
  • Power supply: USB Powered, no external power required Operating Systems: Mac OSX, Windows XP and above (no driver needed)
  • Package Weight: 0.300 kilograms

This MIDI interface is suitable for all operating systems and provides two MIDI inputs and outputs. With the MIDI 2X2 you can easily add multiple MIDI ports to your computer system. You can connect up to 2 MIDI keyboards or MIDI hardware to your computer, and it has up to 32 channels for its input and output, which is quite useful in situations where multiple keyboards or controllers need to be connected to a software program. Each input and output has its own signaling LED which clearly indicates which port is active.

If you have a computer with no MIDI inputs but have a MIDI software and a MIDI


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