High-quality 9-ply Basswood shell Drum kit, complete with double-braced hardware, power toms, and cymbals.

This drum set is an amazing value package for the beginning or intermediate drummer alike – everything you need to rock right out of the box. With a full-sized 5-piece setup, this drum set is a great choice for the gigging drummers looking for a set that will more than hold its own with the rigors of the touring musician. Easily one of the best drum kits for the price out there! Mapex is a world-renowned Drum manufacturer producing high-quality kits for over 25 years

  • Standard Configuration
  • High-quality 9-ply Basswood shells
  • Double-braced Hardware
  • Kick (22″), Toms (12″, 13″, 16″), Snare (14″)
  • 16″ Cymbal, 14″ HiHat, Pedal, Hardware, Throne and Sticks included
  • Black Finish


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