High Output, Clarity, and Richness for Your 7-string.

  • Bridge position humbucking pickup for 7-string electric guitar
  • High-output tone with clarity and warmth
  • Easy to go from clean to mean with just your guitar’s volume knob
  • Wiring: 4 conductor
  • Magnet: ceramic
  • Output mV: 390
  • DC resistance: 12.06 Kohm

DiMarzio created the DP706 D Sonic 7 Humbucker Pickup at the request of Dream Theater guitarist John Petrucci. A huge fan of D Sonic pickups on his six-string guitars, Petrucci wanted that same clarity, warmth, and high output for his 7-string guitars. With the DP706 D Sonic 7 in your guitar’s bridge position, you can expect the flexibility to go from sweet cleans to growling overdrive, and the articulation you need for even complex chords to ring with clarity. When you want a sonic upgrade for your 7-string guitar that’s especially fierce with high-gain amps.

Take a look at the DP706 D Sonic 7 Humbucker, and you’ll see a solid bar pole piece in addition to the individual pole pieces. Place the pickup with the solid bar toward the neck for fat and heavy tone. Position the solid bar toward the bridge for a tighter sound with more attack. And because the solid bar sounds a bit warmer, coil splitting the DP706 D Sonic 7 Humbucker gives you access to different single-coil tones.


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