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Recording: Let 'em hear ya!


The RF-X Reflection Filter from sE Electronics prevents unwanted audio ambience from contaminating your vocal tracks in untreated acoustic environments. This acoustic filter uses the same patented technology as the RF-Pro. Its lightweight body and clamp assembly makes the RF-X simple and easy to...

R 1,869.00

On-Stage ASMS4730 Overview   Turn your microphone stand setup into a recording environment! The ASMS4730 Isolation Shield is a lightweight and portable shield that mounts onto most standard microphone stands, creating a mini recording studio. Constructed from a vented aluminum...

R 1,749.00

A studio booth alternative that fits over your microphone, sets up in seconds and transforms any space into a recording studio Portable Vocal Booth And Reflection Guard Built-In Pop Filter 360 Degree Coverage   The Kaotica Eyeball Portable Vocal Booth is...

R 4,099.00

X1 A Vocal and Instrument Condenser Microphone with Reflection Filter The X1 A: It could be your first mic, but it's one you'll want to keep forever When it was introduced in 2011, the X1 brought a new level of quality...

R 4,499.00